Shabach aims to edify the students in three fronts:


The philosophy of the project is to use music as a means of character-building for young people and children. It provides everyone a sensibility to spirituality, where the music will be in accordance with the slogan “Created to Worship.” The children trained in Shabach develop a high spiritual sense that allows them to do their best for the One who created us; with humility, love for the Creator, and willingness to give. Therefore, they understand spiritual ideas as we were created to worship; Music is a means, the end is God.


The Shabach project is designed so that every child may develop community integration with a spirit of leadership. Each will have to take an “identity” with Shabach from the moment they become part of the project.  It is aimed at teamwork, supportive leadership, responsibility, and music as a lifestyle, which will be reflected in different areas of life. Shabach also strives to bring musical quality education to children whose economic conditions might otherwise make it difficult to participate in music learning.


Shabach intends not only to develop musicians, but artists that may express through music; imagination, commitment, technique, and emotions. Children and young people, therefore, experience music with the purpose of building a better society transmitting to others the inspiration to achieve excellence. The artistic and musical standards have to be of high quality. Before each concert, there should be “excellence, passion and professionalism,” that reflect the best of both; works addressed to God and works of unique cultural nature. We want to provide a venue in which these youths and children may have the opportunity to do this despite their economic hardship.

Officers and Staff


June Seebeck

President – Officer

Business administrator. Independent businesswoman in the United States. She has been philanthropist for evangelistic and educational projects around different parts of the world. Her love for children and admiration for the music, which came from the legacy of her lost husband, has motivated her to embrace the mission and vision of Shabach.


Susan Nichols

Secretary – Officer

Retired American who has worked as a teacher and principal of Adventist institutions for twenty-eight years in USA. Studied music from an early age, so she always was part of symphonic bands, choirs and orchestras since then she knows how to play various instruments like the piano, organ, clarinet, among others, as well as soprano soloist. It has always been her love to share music education with children.  She wants to continue exerting efforts through participation in Shabach.


Edwin de Angel

Treasurer – Officer

Engineer with a dual citizenship (Colombian and USA), Dr. Edwin De Angel holds a doctorate in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. He also has a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. Dr. De Angel has over 20 years experience working for several semiconductor companies, including Intel, Honeywell, Cirrus Logic, RFMicron, Freescale and Qualcomm. He decided to join the Shabach project because it offers opportunities to transform the lives of children in different countries. He believes that through music this project would teach discipline, responsibility and teamwork. He believes that this project can make a difference.

IMG_1013Harley Vargas

General Director and Founder- Officer

Colombian music conductor, has been director and founder of bands choirs and orchestras in his native country and abroad. He has studies in euphonium, music education and a master’s degree on Conducting. Graduated from a second master’s degree in Latin Music Studies as a pianist in Texas State University. His dream has always been to help young people to be better influences in society, using music as a vehicle of transformation, a task that he wants to consolidate in his native country through the establishment of Shabach.


Juan C. Rodriguez

Music Advisor- Officer

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico where he obtained his Bachelors in voice performance at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico, and was awarded the Voice Performance Medal.  He now holds a degree as Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of Texas at Austin, in Voice Performance and Pedagogy.  He was the First Prize winner of the Metropolitan Opera Auditions for the District of Puerto Rico and for the Gulf Region.  Juan Carlos has received special recognitions from the Puerto Rico Senate and named “Distinguished Tenor” by the Mayor of Caguas.   He has sung in Puerto Rico, United States, Canada, Germany, Scotland, France, Spain, Italy, Israel, Peru, Guam, and Dominican Republic and has been blessed to share the Lord’s praises at churches there.  Juan Carlos Rodriguez holds a Master in Music Ministry from Andrews University.   He is passionate about the social and moral aspects of Shabach’s mission.

IMG_9210Jorge A. Vargas Tobasía

Director Colombia – Officer

Colombian professor and specialist in Computer Education. He also has studies in Physics and Mathematics. He has taught for more than twenty years in rural and urban areas. As principal, he has been a promoter of inclusive education for children with vulnerability (autistic, deaf, motor disabilities, among others) through projects of his own, he was able to get national recognition in Colombian educational forums. Now that he knows the vision of the Shabach project he sees an opportunity to provide necessary assistance in logistics for the expansion of Shabach in both rural and urban areas.


Andrés L. Riaño

Musical Director – Officer

Colombian musician who has promoted sacred music at the national level together with more than 300 people between audience and musicians on stage. As a musician he has also founded the choir “Testimonio de Amor” which already has six years of performing experience. He sings as a bass of ”Clave de Dios” music Quartet, in addition to his participation in the musical teaching of music ensembles. He is currently finishing his studies in Bachelor of Music Education with an emphasis on guitar at the UPTC University of Tunja Colombia. As music director of Shabach he believes that this project represents the opportunity to minister through music with a national and international projection for children and young Colombians.

FullSizeRender 19

Angelica Beltrán

Secretary and Teacher Colombia

Born in Colombia. Previous employments include assistant secretary-accountant for national learning service (SENA), portfolio manager and secretary of the clinical society of Boyacá. She worked for eight years as an elementary and high school teacher.
Presently, she is the Secretary-Treasurer and Assistant Instructor for Shabach Colombia.  She will also undergo future online studies in music education at the National University. She sees in Shabach the opportunity to learn, create, and develop unimaginable talents in all those persons that wish to make of this dream a reality.