Music Education

Japanese Teaching Technique:

A new style has been adopted in our setting but applied to the teaching of bands in Japan for over thirty years which emphasizes the use of the harmony director.  The “Parent Plan” includes instrument teaching techniques and ear training that have yielded remarkable results in Japanese bands; giving them recognition at an international excellence level for their interpretative superiority ennobling the music thru their work.


Organize Studies Plan:

Every student will find a quality curriculum where the classes are designed by subjects as equally done in institutions of higher education, highlighting the importance of creating wholesome methods in which every matter is necessary for the musical production and not a set of diverse knowledge without association.


Professional Supervision of the Processes:

Shabach is a center of musical education in which great musical performance and education professionals are included.  The same are very attentive to the operations that take place throughout the year, searching for the best options so that every student may have a unique experience in the study of music.