John P. Sousa Award: 

One of the most important awards in the bands of the United States is awarded to the most outstanding member musically during the year,  having leadership qualities, attendance and punctuality, service to others and excellent attitude in all subjects and presentations of each group. This award is also accompanied by a surprise gift.

Past Winners:

June Seebeck Award 

The Shabach Foundation declares the creation of the JUNE SEEBECK AWARD, it was established by the foundation in 2016 expressing admiration and respect for this woman who has always sought to serve the most disadvantaged and during these years, has worked tirelessly and with the greatest love for our Foundation. Award given to the most outstanding student between the ages of 5 to 9 years. The criteria for selecting the winner will be artistic and academic excellence, discipline, dedication, leadership, organization and commitment to our institution. The winner will receive a distinctive trophy, an award certificate and the sum of US $ 25.

Juan Carlos Rodriguez Award: 

In order to recognize the professional career of the international acclaimed tenor Juan Carlos Rodríguez, the Shabach Foundation has decided to create this award in homage to him and grant it to the most outstanding choir member.

The award includes a certificate of appreciation, a distinctive trophy, $ 30 and his name will be engraved on the official plaque of the award.

Shabach Ambassador Award: 

This award was created in 2018 to exalt excellence beyond duty to those students who represent the Foundation at the state, national or international level and obtain achievements that exceed expectations. The names of the students will be placed on the commemorative plaque and will have a special award determined by the board of directors of Shabach.