The Symphonic Band is the primary group in which the instrumental work will be developed and will be reflected all the work done in the fields of Choir, Music and Movement, Grammar, and musical instrument workshops.  There will be a period of PRE-BAND in the first instance for the first three months to give a good starting point to the band work.

Our Band currently counts with 4 Trumpets in Bb, 1 Tuba three valves, 3 Trombones, 2 Euphoniums four valves, 2 French Horns. We are hoping to acquire this year 1 Percussion Drummer and Glockenspiel, 2 saxophones Alto, Tenor Saxophone in A, 6 Clarinets, 4 Flutes, 2 piccolo flute, 1 Bombo concert, a set of concert plates, 4 symphonic timpani, and one Marimba three octaves. The activities:

– Participate in some holidays in the churches and theaters of the city.

– Do cameo appearances in special events.

– Eventually, participate in band contest and Duitama’s band festivals and the state level.

– Group performances and solo recitals.